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Quinta Nicole is a Certified Professional Life Coach with a mandate to use her training, talents, experiences, gifts, abilities, and knowledge of God’s Word to empower, equip, enrich, and encourage people all across the world to live their lives to the fullest, overcoming obstacles and glorifying God in the process. She is also a writer, public speaker, dancer, artist, pet lover, mother, and wife.
After losing her son, Tre’ Stargell to SIDs at 3 months old in February 2010, Quinta set out to find and establish her God given purpose and assist others to do the same. She says,”It was the experience that literally transformed my life because it was in losing my son that I actually lost my life and really started to live. I asked God, Father what is it that You have anointed me to do while on earth. He gave me the vision, and I have been moving forward every since. Even though it’s not always easy, I believe we are blessed with life and in life to be a blessing and so I look for resources such as blogtalkradio that will aid me to connect with and to support others as they move forward through life’s obstacles as well.”

Quinta Nicole currently resides in Alabama with her husband Dr. Gregory Stargell II, her daughter Gina, and their two dogs Gladys and Gallagher.

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